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The Bevs is a podcast released weekly on Mondays and is all about friendship, feminism, and fun. Each episode features a guest who brings stimulating conversation and keeps it ?, whether discussing the state of politics or how much one adores Star Wars.

 Who are The Bevs?

Ariana and Meredith met in college and have been friends for a dozen years (which, mathematically speaking, is 39% of their time spent on Earth). They’re East Coasters residing in Los Angeles and working in television.

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Ariana Madix is an actress who has shared screen time with Charlie Sheen in Anger Management, slapped Giovanni Ribisi on Fox’s Dads, and worked extensively with College Humor. She can currently be seen on Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules managing her anger very well and not slapping anyone.

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Meredith Kate works for a broadcast television network as an assistant while she writes and produces on the side. She’s a jack of all trades that hangs out behind the camera more than in front of it. She’s also relatively good at not expressing her emotions in a physical way.

What is a Bev?

A Bev is a ride or die. A sister from another mister, a brother from another mother. You may not always see eye to eye with your Bev, but you do respect them. Always.

Whitney, the kickstand to Meredith and Ariana’s bicycle, helped coin the term “Bev” thanks to an autocorrection from one of Meredith’s texts to her (“bb” became “bev”, for whatever reason). The three have referred to each other as such ever since.

“Being a Bev is more than being a friend.”

Additional Bevs

Nicole Mathew is our Bev Behind The Bevs, assisting with our on-line presence. A Project Manager by day/writer by night, Nicole remotely Bevs-in to us from Indianapolis, IN.

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Tom Sandoval, Ariana’s boyfriend, is our resident Bev Boy. Schedule allowing, he provides original songs for our guests, as well as tangential ramblings.

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Whitney Warren is Ariana and Meredith’s friend from college, currently residing in New York City. She gives valuable East Coast perspective and invaluable support.

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