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This week, Ariana and Meredith welcome Bobby Giancola (Instagram | Twitter) of Bravo’s soon-to-premiere Below Deck: Mediterranean. Bobby and Ariana have been friends for quite a long time, and in this episode they fondly recall their memories of Melbourne, Florida (including a troubling field trip that Bobby took). Lots of talk about zoos and beaches and gyms and alligators and Catholicism. Tom Sandoval also joins to chat about Western Costume and an upcoming episode of Vanderpump Rules.

In the intro, Meredith recaps her trip to The Broad (see below!) and Ariana answers some fan questions.


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Tom Advocates for Bobby

When Bobby Giancola was up for Below Deck: Mediterranean, Resident BevBoy Tom Sandoval decided to send the producers a hearty Bobby endorsement. Whether or not such an endorsement was necessary remains unanswered, but we truly love how willing Tom is to go to bat for a friend. Bless.

We’re not sure what a “guitar situation” is, but if anyone can handle one, it sure is Bobby Giancola.

Hey so this is Tom chiming in.. So before I met bobby ariana showed me vines and Instagram post that were pretty freakin hilarious. She used to tell me how her ex used to get jealous of bobby bc he is who he is , a 6’3″ great looking individual who is in the business of saving lives how could u not look up to him… But I did have the pleasure of hanging out with Bobby for 3 nights in Florida, when I visited Ariana’s hometown and all I can say is… He might of been one of my top highlights of Melbourne…He’s the kinda dude u wanna be in the trenches w/ bc he’s an an obvious hard worker and a slight over achiever, but also on the flip side, he’s the exact dude u wanna get drunk with after the dust has settled to rehash and laugh about all the bullshit that we just witnessed …he’s pretty damn funny! But really I see a guy who is really tries to be really great at everything he does… The top of his battalion(trust me my mom is a firefighter) a great guitar player which he tries to understate…. And that in itself, tells me a lot bc I can tell a lot about a person by how they handle a “ok, I guitar situation” like when someone pushes their emo “daddy doesn’t love me bangs” to the side…. Then plays “wonderwall”

Meredith’s Broad Outing

Meredith headed to The Broad with Julia (her friend, co-worker, and producer of Not Rich Yet) to check out the Inaugural Installation. Afterward, they headed to Wurstküche.

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