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Things get political this week with Crescent Muhammad! Ariana and Meredith chat with her about the ever-present, very loud elephant in the room (Need we say his name?), the state of the Republican party, and unnecessary Beyoncé rage.


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  • The Governing Cancer of Our Time (The New York Times)
    • The antipolitics people don’t accept that politics is a limited activity. They make soaring promises and raise ridiculous expectations. When those expectations are not met, voters grow cynical and, disgusted, turn even further in the direction of anti politics.”
  • The Rise of American Authoritarianism (Vox)
    • A more succinct version of this story (as relates directly to Trump supporters) can also be found on Vox – The best predictor of Trump support isn’t income, education, or age. It’s authoritarianism.
    • “…a PhD student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst named Matthew MacWilliams…studies authoritarianism — not actual dictators, but rather a psychological profile of individual voters that is characterized by a desire for order and a fear of outsiders. People who score high in authoritarianism, when they feel threatened, look for strong leaders who promise to take whatever action necessary to protect them from outsiders and prevent the changes they fear.
  • Southern Strategy (Wikipedia)
  • The Single American Woman (New York Magazine)
    • In 2009, the proportion of American women who were married dropped below 50 percent. In other words, for the first time in American history, single women…outnumbered married women.”
    • “This is why the expansion of the population of unmarried women across classes signals a social and political rupture as profound as the invention of birth control, as the sexual revolution, as the abolition of slavery, as women’s suffrage, and as the women’s-rights, civil-rights, gay-rights, and labor movements that made this reordering of society possible. By their very growing presence, single women are asking for a new deal from their government.
    • But how much of an impact single women will have on this election and on public policy in the years to come depends, in large part, on whether they begin to recognize their growing political power. Part of this is simply a matter of getting out the vote.”
  • These 3 Questions Will Immediately Increase Your Emotional Intelligence (Inc) – The article shared on Facebook by Plz Advise‘s Kristina Lopez
    • Does this need to be said?
    • Does this need to be said by me?
    • Does this need to be said by me now?




Meredith wasn’t entirely correct. Every morning at 7am, North Korea plays an alarm over loudspeakers (at least, it seems, in the city of Pyongyang), not in each home as she stated. Some sites on the internet say that the song is called “Ten Million Human Bombs for Kim Il Sung“, others call it “Where Are You, Dear General“. Either way, it’s basically real-life Black Mirror.

When you’re on vacation in North Korea, you don’t get to sleep in. And really, how could you, when there are so many Kim Il-Sung monuments to pay homage to and ill-maintained roller coasters to ride? Thus, your morning in North Korea typically begins with a wake-up call at 7am (and 7:05am, in case the lazy U.S. Imperialists just pick up the phone and then go back to sleep), breakfast at 7:30am, and on the bus by 8am. Lindsay Fincher

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